Jan 25 2017

Waverley, Andersons Bay, Musselburgh. Street Walks

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6. 25/1/2017. Musselburgh, Andersons Bay, Cemetery. E. Leaders for Musselburgh: Les and Margaret; for Andersons Bay: Peter and Wendy.

Route Map, courtesy Ian. (Ignore the straight line.) Car Park, Shore St. Musselburgh Rise, Rochester Tce, Belmont Lane, return Rochester Tce, Moana Cr, Walkway through to Portobello Rd, Causeway, Marne St, Somerville St, Silverton St, Tomahawk Rd, Andersons Bay Cemetery, Tahuna Rd, Cavell St, Tainui Rd,  Musselburgh Rise, Rawhitie St, Walkway, Shore St, Car Park.

Maori memorial. (Clive pic and caption.)

Otago Harbour from Tomahawk Rd. (Clive pic and caption.)

Over the garden wall. (Clive pic and caption.)

Lunch by Crematorium. (Ian pic and caption.)

5. 10/2/2016. Musselburgh, Andersons Bay, Cemetery. E. Leaders for Musselburgh: Les and Margaret; for Andersons Bay: Peter and Wendy.
Shore St; Musselburgh Rise; Rochester Crescent; Belmont Lane;
Hikers. Morning Tea in Belmont Lane residence, Musselburgh

Hikers. Morning Tea in Belmont Lane residence, Musselburgh.

Musselburgh, Moana Crescent; Rewa Street, Sunshine Lane; Portobello Road. Portobello Road; Marne Street; Somerville Street; Silverton Street; Tomahawk Road; Crematorium; Cemetery; Tahuna Road; Cress Street; Tainui Road; Musselburgh Rise; Shore Street.

 4. 23/2/2011. Hikers. Street Walk: Arthurs Walk. Waverley Book 1. Leaders: Bev, Joyce.
 3. 30/1/2008 Andersons Bay Street Walk. Leaders: Bev H, Bev M


A bit overcast but quite pleasant as 18 hikers parked their cars in Spottiswood St ready to set out on a Street Walk round the Andersons Bay area. First stop was at the Andersons Bay Cemetery for morning tea and a browse around the graves. Very interesting, especially round the oldest areas. We ended up being there about an hour as 2 of the group had not heard the meeting up again time of 11am!! However, as it wasn’t an overly long walk it didn’t really matter. We walked along several streets, admiring houses and gardens, till we finally got to the Andersons Bay school where we made the most of some very pleasant areas to sit and have our lunch. From there it was around some more streets till we arrived back at our cars. All agreed they had had an interesting and enjoyable day. – Bev.

2. 3/10/2001. Combined. Street Walk Arthurs Walk Waverley Book 1 Leaders: Bev H, Bev McI, Pat

1. 20/9/2000 Vauxhall, Waverley, Andersons Bay, Musselburgh. Leaders: Margaret D, Daphne, Betty B

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