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May 25 2016

Doctors Point, Mopanui, north face, return. Clockwise

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7. 25/5/2016. Trampers. Doctors Point, Canoe Beach, Osborne Rd, Purakanui Station Rd, McKessar Rd, Deer Fence, White Rd, Doctors Point Rd. M. Leaders: Neil and Carole. Wednesday 25th was the perfect day – light cloud, blue seas, 2kph breeze, when 10 trampers assembled at Orokonui (Waitati) junction and headed over to Doctors Point parking area […]

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May 18 2016

Lake Whare and environs.

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18/5/2016. Trampers. Lake Whare and surrounding tracks circuit. Leader: Arthur H. It came on to rain lightly as we met at the car park. At 9.00 a.m. the 11 Trampers present held a brief conference and decidedĀ  that as it looked very wet in the direction of the programmed tramp to the “3 Kings”, we […]

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