Nov 25 2015

Caversham. Street Walk.

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4. 15/11/2015. Hikers. Leaders’ Choice. Lance and Joshiah. Street Walk: Mornington.
GPS of route. (Forgot to switch on until abt 1km after start from Unity Park. start.)

GPS of route. (Forgot to switch on until abt 1 km after start from Unity Park.)

Seventeen of us met at Unity Park, wondering where Lance was going to lead us this time. He took us down High St just a little, across to the Old High St School property, then up through a corner of Mornington Park to the Mornington township. Back down the hill a little, Macnee St took us off into a suburb of Mornington few of us had seen before. Glenpark Avenue took us a long way steeply down and up, surprising us on the way with a bit of handsome Street Art – in the middle of suburbia. We eventually reached the Forfar St corner and down that a bit we stopped off under the shade of a tree in a recreation area for a morning tea break.

Shade on a hot day. (John pic)

Shade on a hot day. (John pic)

Forfar Street led us round to what this reporter reckons has to be the best city view in town.

Best view in town. John pic)

Best view in town. John pic)

There were views stretching out on our left to the head of the harbour and on the centre and right displaying St Kilda and South Dunedin beautifully stretched out. We stopped and drank in the scene. Some got into chatting with an unusually large well-dressed group of Jehovah’s Witnesses we passed on the street.
We followed Forfar Street winding on down and down and eventually entered a delightful rough track through an unnamed bush area near the bottom that led us through to the end of Barnes Drive. Now we were into the paths alongside the State Highway before having to confront a long climb up to the Lookout Point bridge at the top.

Close-up of bridge design. (John pic)

Close-up of bridge facing. (John pic)

Bridge stone work and netting (John pic)

Close-up of bridge stone work and netting (John pic)

(Lance had earlier found out that this was to be the morning of the actual bridge opening.) Bad/good? timing saw us arrive just at the point where the official ceremony had concluded.

We just missed the ceremony

We had just missed the ceremony (John pic)

All the corporate suits and general onlooking public were still there enjoying the “seeing and being seen” of the occasion.


All over.

Seen and being seen.

The first vehicle across the bridge

The first vehicle to cross the bridge.

We wandered about for quite a while before one or two of us (was Fred the first?) found we humble tramping riff-raff were welcome to join the large crowd in a marquee for nibbles (nibbbles? – sandwiches and savouries galore) and drinks, and passed  on the word. Yum. Eventually regrouped, Lance led us back down the way we had come up to stop off at the bottom in a grassy sloping section of Sidey Park for lunch.

Lunch (John pic)

Lunch on Sidey Park (John pic)

The day had been hot. We were glad of the break. We were nearing the end of the outing, but not of any struggle. We exited further along by South Road and climbed the Caversham Rise to the foot of Eglington Road. Why did they put Unity Park at its top? It was a long weary climb for the end of a day, but all made it to finish off a day with a difference, capped, of course, by the Lookout Point Bridge opening. Thanks, Lance – and Josiah, for yet another creative Dunedin walk, opening up byways of interest we would never have otherwise known had existed. A hot day. Some steep struggles on hard pavements at times. A rewarding day. Well done. Finished off  with a goodly social crowd at The Topiary Cafe. We DID miss you, Elaine! – Ian.

3. 9/9/2015 Street Walks: Caversham. Leaders: Elaine, Bev.
Route in km

Route map in km

Route without km

Route map un-cluttered with km indicators.

On the 9th Sept 24+ Hikers had a enjoyable day around Caversham.
We met at the corner of South Road and Eastbourne Street, walking down south road north to get on to Bridge Street and strolled along a path that was beside the motorway  north-going traffic.
Morning tea was at the Barnes Drive traffic lights on a sloping bank and steps.

Morning Tea on convenient set of steps. (John pic)

Morning Tea on convenient set of steps. (John pic)

We walked up the back of the Caversham Valley Road to Aberfeldy Street, where a small car track went up to Baxter House…

Baxter House. (John pic)

Baxter House. (John pic)

…built in 1895 for  a David Baxter whose daughter married T K S Sidey, the Mayor of Dunedin.
We also went to Rockyside Road where in 1855 Mr John Thomson the Surveyor for Dunedin built his house. Most of the hikers were unaware about the Baxter House still being there.
We travelled down lots of different streets in ‘Cavy’ and lunch was at the Kew Reserve.

Lunch at Kew Reserve. (John pic)

Lunch at Kew Reserve. (John pic)

After lunch, we passed the old Wax Match Factory and up to look at a very well done art work on a two-story building.

Street Art work. (John pic)

Street Art work on wall of former hotel. (John pic)

Then it was back down South Road and along to our cars. Those who wanted a coffee chat stopped off at Flax Cafe first. – Elaine.

2. 9/6/2000. Hikers.  Caversham: street walk. Leaders: Bev H, Peggy M, Peter R.
1. 9/6/1999. Hikers. A wee slice of Caversham. Leaders: Bev H, Peggy M, Shirley R.

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