Apr 08 2015

Brighton: Beach, Big Stone, Rapleys, Beach

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8/4/2015. Hikers. Big Stone Road, Rapleys. E. Leaders: Dot, George.
GPS of route.

GPS of route.

We parked our cars in the Brighton Domain. George took the lead and took us up Bath Street and into Bedford Parade. (abt 0.7 km on GPS map.) Then it was along fence lines at the back of properties till we reached Greers’ house for morning tea. (Abt  1.4 km on map.)



Continuing on, we eventually swung across into Highland Road, whose end gave us a right turn and up into Big Stone Road. (Abt 2.7 km) What was most noticeable – apart from the ever ascending climb of the road – was the complete absence of any pine forest plantation, highlighted eventually by the stark appearance of Big Stone,  (abt 4.7 km) formerly hidden in gorse at the side of the trees.

Big Stone

Naked Big Stone, now landscaped. Even seating!

This was a fun place for a brief stop before moving on a bit to turn down Rapley’s access road (abt 5.3 km) for leisurely lunch by their beautiful stacked stone house. (abt 5.7 km)


Lunch at Rapleys

Eventually, taking leave of our hosts, we walked on down to the beach (abt 6.6 km). Ahead lay a long beach walk back to the cars, a plod unrelieved by any distinguishing markers. Two of Adrienne’s grandchildren and a cousin, along for the holidays, frolicked the distance in the waves. The extent prompted several to wonder what was the actual distance covered. Well, it was 4 km. However it allowed members to cover it at their own stretched-out pace, as evidenced by the dribbling twos and threes finally trickling back into the domain. A good recreational day out.

Afterwards, a few resorted…




…to Topiary for coffee. Thanks to Dorothy and George for the walk. – Ian.

10/10/2012. Both. Brighton: Sand Hills, Big Stone, Rapleys, Sandhills. Leaders: George, Eric.

Tea break on Big Stone Road.

Stacking Logs alongside Big Stone Road.

Lunch at Rapleys’.

Fred’s dependable box of goodies.

Kumi Kumis on road back down to beach.

4/11/2009. Both. Brighton: Domain, Beach, Greers’, Hyland, Big Stone, Rapleys’, Beach, Domain. Leaders: George, Dot B.


Parked at Brighton Domain. Walked diagonally across to go down by some large stone steps to walk along the beach.

Beginning the beach walk south. George, Susan, Fred, Chris, Molly, Dot, Doug, Ken.

At a spot George had marked, we crossed back from the beach to the road and crossed it to walk up to Greers’ house to enjoy morning tea on their verandah in the sun and warm wind.

Leaving Greers’ house. Bev and Lesley. (also reflected in window).


We followed a fence line south, crossed a paddock containing one or two old cars to emerge on Highland Road. Out and up Big Stone Road a bit we entered a paddock and walked  alongside the road a bit to go on into a plantation and eventually emerge again and cross the road into the top of Kim Rapley’s road. Beyond on the right was the cleared and replanted Kai Tahu forestry area, now sub-divided for sale into life-style blocks.

The bleak prospect of a cleared forest. Doug.


On our left was a picturesque gully that was worth a pic.

An attractive bushed gully


After a comfortable lunch around the the outdoor spa by the Rapley’s house per courtesy of Mrs Raply it was on down their road …

On down to the coast again. Ria, Hazel, George, Margaret, Doug,  Dot and Ken.


… to emerge back onto the beach and begin the long trek back to the domain.

Emerging onto the beach. George, Lesley, Fred, Margaret, Molly.

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