Oct 08 2014

Bull Ring, Ben Rudd

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Location: 15 km.
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See Flagstaff Name for its origin.
8/10/2014. Trampers. Bull Ring, Ben Rudd, Big Rock. M
Bullring Ben Rudds Shelter Big Rock Jim Freeman

GPS of route, courtesy Ken. Bullring Ben Rudds Shelter Big Rock Jim Freeman.  (Caption Ken.) We walked 7.5km; ave 3.6 km/h; 2hr 5m moving; climbed 454mtrs.

Seven of us gathered at the Bull Ring


Bull Ring (Helen pic)

and set off up the Firebreak road towards Flagstaff in windy but fine weather. We noted the entrance to a track on our left marked with a white plastic bag, guessing it might be the exit from Big Rock. Down the road a bit we turned onto the Ben Rudd’s track and reached the shelter …


Shelter (Helen pic)

…  just before 10 am, in time for the traditional morning tea break.

Then it was on again, turning left at the shelter, scrambling up over rough rocks and through flax and tussock on a track that wasn’t too hard to find, to reach Big Rock. Great views from here, across to where the Rollinsons Road goes up the hill, and further, over to Silver Peaks.

Another scramble took us up and out to the Firebreak road again – yes, at the white plastic bag. Déjà vu! Off again to the Ben Rudd shelter and a yarn about future tramps. Only 11.30, so down the Jim Freeman track we trundled to the junction with McQuilkans for lunch. Here we admired the solid signs

Solid sign

Solid sign (Helen pic)

placed by Ian and Ken to indicate track direction.

Track direction. (Helen pic)

Track direction. (Helen pic)

From there it was only a short stroll out to the Whare Flat Road and the grunt back up the hill to the car park. And not quite 1pm! 7.4kms and over 400m of climbing – not a big day but very pleasant. – Judy, for Ken, Ian, Arthur, Helen, Eric and Neil.

7/8/2013. Both. Pineapple Track, Ben Rudd.
We did Flagstaff (or Pineapple) track from the Bull Ring. Passed the Swampy turn off and down to Ben Rudd hut. Back to cars via the clay road. Lot of clearing been done on all the tracks we were on. – Bev.
19/5/2010. Hikers. Bull Ring, Flagstaff walkway, Firebreak Track, Ben Rudd. Leaders:  Molly, Neil.
4/3/2009. Both. Pineapple, Ben Rudd. Medium. Leaders: Lesley G, Evelyn C.
27/8/2008. Hikers. Pineapple Track, Ben Rudd. Easy. Leaders: Carmel, Evelyn C.
18/8/2004. Both. Bull Ring, Ben Rudd Hut, Bivvy Rock. Easy. George, Pat and Bill, Nancy.
27/8/2003. Hikers. Bull Ring, Skyline, Ben Rudd. Medium. Leaders: Winifred, Myrie.
9/10/2002. Alt. Bull Ring to Ben Rudd. Leaders: Nelson & Dot, Eleanor
1/7/1998. Bull Ring, Jim Freeman, Ben Rudd. Leaders: Colleen, Catherine.
27/8/1997. Hikers. Pineapple Track, Ben Rudd. Park at Bullring. Leaders: Shirley R, Margaret D, Nancy.
8/11/1995. Hikers. Bullring, Flagstaff, Ben Rudd. Leaders: Daphne, Wendy, Betty B

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