Jan 29 2014

Reid-Beattie Farm Walk

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Distance from car-park: 32 km.
2. 29/1/2014. Tramp from Reid Farm.
GPS of route

GPS of route. 13.7 km @ 4.3 km/hr; 3hrs 11mins moving time; 1hr 27mins stopped; climbed 263 m; max elev 554m

With the addition of the Christchurch over 40’s tramping group, we had a much larger team of trampers for this trip.

 15 of us set out on what I termed a ‘recce’, as we had never done this tramp before. Starting from Reids Farm house as usual, we descended down to the Verterburn where we had morning tea as usual,
Morning tea stop at the Verterburn (Ken pic and caption)

Morning tea stop at the Verterburn (Ken pic and caption)

then we followed the road that goes around in the direction of the Waipori forest area. We estimated that this would lead us to the old Post Office Creek school house, & indeed it did just that. We spent some time at the old school house before we set off up the road going past it, to find a spot up in the forest to have lunch. We found a nicely grassed …
The girls at lunch in the shade (Ken pic and caption)

The girls at lunch in the shade (Ken pic and caption)

… & sunny area with lots of logs to sit on for lunch, …
Some others at lunch (Ken pic and caption). Note: Notice forestry clearance.

Some others at lunch (Ken pic and caption). Note: Notice forestry clearance.

… which was taken at a leisurely pace. After lunch we then returned back down past the old school house, & around to the spot where we made the decision to cross the Verterburn, with the chance of getting wet feet, & then climbing the steep hill, & going out onto the main road, where we walked back along to the farm house.On the way home we called into Outram for a coffee & chat, before heading back to Mosgiel where we farewelled our guests.
Everybody enjoyed a good time, & the walk, although on farm tracks, was enjoyed by all. – Ken
1. 13/3/2013. Trampers. Reid-Beattie Farm Walk.

GPS of route, looking west to where started in distance. Courtesy Ken.

Morning Tea Break. (Ken pic and caption)

Morning Tea Break. (Ken pic and caption)

13/4/2011. Trampers. Reid-Beattie Farm Walk. 15 km ret. Moderate. Leader: Ria
We had programmed this day for Post Office Creek, some of us imagining we could have laboriously track-cleared our way through the ever-thickening gorse beyond the old school-house. However Ria had recently tramped on a property adjacent to Reids’ farm and was willing to lead us there instead. Good choice. We started the GPSed route in the far distance on the pic below.
A couple of fences and a gully later and we emerged onto the Verter Burn, with a nice bridge spanning it in contrast to the wading the originally-planned route would have immersed us in, further down-stream. A neighbouring dray made a dry seat for a tea-break.

Morning Tea stop. (Ken caption and pic)

A short stroll up alongside the stream and then it was a swing right and a climb into the rolling hills to the east, taking us ever upward. At midday we stopped for lunch on the left of the forest seen in the next pic.

Looking East. (Ken caption and pic)

The day was warm, the air still. A lovely lunch stop.

Lunch Stop. (Ken caption and pic)

After that, it wasn’t too far to walk on and up a little and across the top of the hills to enjoy a vista of flats beyond. We were adjacent to the southern end of the Maungatua. Had we further climbed a little to the left we could have continued on and across to the Three Kings. But this was enough for us for the day.

Tramp’s turning-point.

Beyond us was the blue of what we worked out to be Lake Waihola. The view was a fine reward for the day before turning to retrace the way we had come, reaching the cars just after three. – Ian.

View ahead to Waihola.

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