Aug 27 2009

Big Stone Road, Smooth Hill, Kathleen Road, return to beach.

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No. 75 on old hardcopy list of 113 club tramps. “Kathleen Rd – Big Stone Return Forestry Farm”
27/8/2009. Trampers. Queen Street, Highland Street, Big Stone Road, Kathleen Road, Isobel Road, beach return. Medium Leaders: George, Hazel.

Starting at the home of George and Elizabeth, George and Hazel led us along to the corner of Queen Street and up across several paddocks to reach Highland Street where we sheltered from the wind for morning tea. Once we reached Big Stone Road, we paralleled it on a forest track just across the fence, which was much more interesting, if slower, than walking the road. We were amazed to see the extent of forest harvesting on the other side of the road, cleared, replanted and now for sale as lifestyle blocks.

Recently Maori forestry cleared. Now for sale as lifestyle blocks.

Maori forestry recently harvested.

Later we came across a couple of pig skins on a fence.

George inspecting a pig skin.

George inspecting a pig skin.

Shortly after passing the McLaren Gully Road turnoff on our right we turned off onto Kathleen Road on the left and then again on the right into Isobel Road where we stopped for lunch.

Lunch sheltered from the wind. Doug, George, Ria.

Lunch sheltered from the wind. Doug, George, Ria.

Isobel Road provided a pine-needle-strewn softer surface for walking down to the coast. There we joined the beach, nice and firm on an ebbing tide, but oh so loooong to get back to Brighton and the cars again. 18 km in all, and were we glad to reach the cars again!

There were only six of us, three of whom from Mosgiel who, vehicle-less as it turned out on this occasion (Doug would have gone back for his car had he been required to), depended on first-time visitor Susan who was surprised into having to provide the transport to Brighton, but who most graciously provided it. – Ian

18/6/2003 Hikers. Kathleen Road, off Taieri Mouth Road. Easy Leaders: Joan and Dot
4/8/1993 Big Stone Road to Smooth Hill to Kathleen Road – return beach. Leaders: Eric & Dot, George, Chris
8/6/1988 Kathleen Road from Big Stone Road. Lots of pines and the ocean. Leaders:

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