Feb 15 2018

Upcoming Trips

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Summer Start Time: 9.00 a.m.

21 Feb.
Trampers: Maori Peak/Split Rock M* $9.00 Neil and MargreetPurakaunui/Canoe Beach $8.00 Jill and Judy D
Hikers: Quarry/Chingford Park area E $4.00 Woodside Glen. E $4.00 Jan Y and Peter

28 Feb.
Trampers: Purakaunui/Canoe Beach $8.00 Jill and Judy DMaori Peak/Split Rock M* $9.00 Neil and Margreet
Hikers: McNally Walkway E+ $9.00 Liz and Alex  Mahinerangi/ Waipori area M $9.00 Bob and Leslie

7 Mar.
Both: Clarkesbrae/Nichol’s Farm M* $7.00 Jay and Jan B

14 Mar.
Trampers: Lamb Hill/Three O’Clock M-H* $8.00 Art and Keith
Hikers: Saddle Hill area M* $3.00 Bob and Jill

***** Club Walk. 9.00 a.m. – 11.00 a.m. *****

***** Club 30th. Anniversary Dinner. Noon. *****

***** Taieri Bowling Club, 12 Wickiffe Street, Mosgiel. *****

21 Mar. Low Tide, about 1.15 p.m. 0.3 mtrs
Trampers: West Otago camp Helenhttp://trtc.blogtown.co.nz/?s=Yellow+Ridge
Hikers: Clarendon area M $8.00 Clive Doug

28 Mar.
Trampers: Redan Crater M* $10.00 Theresa
Hikers: Salt Lake E $10.00 Adrienne and Bev

4 Apr. Low Tide, about 12.15 p.m. 0.3 mtrs
Both: Quoin Point M* $9.00 Helen and Dave G

11 Apr.
Trampers: Honeycomb/Rongomai M+ $7.00 Dave M
Hikers: Lee Stream ramble E+* $5.00 Ian and Raewyn

18 Apr.
Trampers: Deep Stream/Welshes Road M* $10.00 Art and Keith
Hikers: Harbour Cone M+ $6.00 Betty and Jim

25 Apr. ANZAC Day
Trampers: To be announced
Hikers: Street Ramble from 1 pm $4.00 Margreet, Neil and Lester

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