Feb 15 2012

McKendry Road, Roseburn, Woolshed Road, Horsehoof Station.

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Location: 20 km.
15/2/2012. Trampers. McKendry Road, Woolshed Road, Maungatua.

GPS record of route (Courtesy of Ken). Squiggly bit is recces in Roseburn from this and the prior tramp. Its tail at the top is the previous recce.

Interesting macrocarpa near Roseburn entrance

28/7/2010. Trampers. McKendry Road, Roseburn, Woolshed Road. Medium. Leaders: Doug, Sabina.
We parked the cars under some Gum trees, & walked the short distance to the start of the climb up the “Old Coach Rd” to the top of the Maungatuas.

Climbing 'The Old Coach Rd'. (Ken pic and caption)

This track was very hard going due to the damage done to it by cattle.

Muddy condition of 'Old Coach Road'. (Ken pic and caption)

We stopped for morning tea part way up, then continued on for some distance, until deciding to go back down, as it was getting quite windy, & cold, with frequent light showers. We went back down to the Roseburn house, found a spot to have lunch,

Lunch. (Ken pic and caption)

View from lunch spot. (Ken pic and caption)

View from lunch spot (2). (Ken pic and caption)

View from lunch spot by house. (Ken pic and caption)

& then went exploring, to find a better way to the top. After exploring a number of tracks, & even although the farmer had told Doug & Sabina that there was no way up now because of overgrown tracks, we found a way up through an old logging site which would take us right to the top.

Close-up of correct track. (Ken pic and caption)

Correct track to top. (Ken pic and caption)

From there, it was back to the cars, & home again. – Ken.
21/11/2007. Trampers. McKendry Road, Roseburn, Woolshed Road return. Medium. Leaders: George, Glenice

A hot day with some early steep climbing, but not before George and Glenis led 10 of us down through Roseburn farm homestead to see a dozen or so alpacas. Great.

Alpacas on Roseburn

Alpacas on Roseburn

Alpacas up close

Alpacas up close

Climbing out, we stopped for morning tea with a grand view from the shelter of pines

Cuppa time. Wendy, Ria, Hazel.

Cuppa time. Wendy, Ria, Hazel.

before emerging into paddocks exposed to a hot sun. It was then just continual climbing until we emerged at last onto Woolshed Road, a 4WD track along the top joining McKendry Road along the back with Horsehoof Station. It was still a bit early for lunch, so George led us down a 4WD track turn-off that headed towards Maungatua, to lunch under silver beech trees hugging a Woodside-bound stream. The trees provided a leisurely lunch- time shelter and rest.


Lunch. George, Lex, Pat, Wendy.

Lunch snooze. Bill.

Lunch snooze. Bill.

Climbing back out, we followed the Woolshed- McKendry road down, down, down, enjoying great views of Outram and the Taieri Plain on the way, to reach the cars again near Roseburn Farm. An enjoyable first real sunny day in a long time. – Ian

28/6/2006. Trampers. Horsehoof to Maungauas from McKendry Road. Medium+.
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27/6/2001. Horsehoof Station from McKendry Road. Medium+. Leaders: Claude, Bill and Pat.
19/4/2000. McKendry Road, Horsehoof Station. Leaders: Graham, Bill H, Molly.
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23/8/1995 McKendry Road, Maungatua, return by Roseburn property, Horsehoof Station. Medium. Leaders: Les W, Ray, Jack M, Peter R
26/8/1992 McKendry Road to Maungatuas, return by Roseburn property, Horsehoof Station. Leaders: George, Les W, Peg Al, Peggy M..

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